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00:00 [FCDO Services logo appears on screen on a peacock blue background]

[Music plays]

00:02 [We begin with a dot, from which a long line extends, drawn across the screen from left to right, the camera follows its progress. The line becomes a landscape on which a building site and a city skyline appear. In front of it appear a man and woman in formal wear, and one man in a hard hat. Then small grey circles appear with padlocks in them over the top.]

>> Colleague: My role is that, from the beginning of a construction project, I work with our government customer and with our Architects to establish the level of security we need.

00:09 [We pan away to the right, to a blueprint of the floor of an office layout. The teal background behind it also has an overlay of graph paper. Small red circles with padlocks on them come in over the doors on the blueprint.]

>> Colleague: I look at our plans to check all the access points are in place…

00:13 [The circles flip to green, one by one.]

>> Colleague: …and that each building is absolutely airtight.

00:15 [A teal roundel appears and expands to show a map of Thailand, with a yellow pin in Bangkok. The roundel outline turns around the map, but the map stays stationary.]

>> Colleague: Recently, as an example, I helped set up a brand-new embassy in Bangkok…

00:18 [The map image expands to fill the screen. A modern security camera appears over the yellow pin. Three small images appear over the map: one of a woman working at a whiteboard, one of people walking down a corridor, and one of a group of people in a meeting room. The words ‘security requirements’ appear over these three images.]

>> Colleague: …overseeing some of the building’s security requirements.

00:23 [The map dissolves and we see a pale teal background. A cut-out image of the sea and a cliff face, from Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, appear from the right. A small tourist cruise boat sails in from the left. Then the skyline of Tripoli appears on the left of the screen.]

>> Colleague: In fact, I’ve been everywhere from a boat trip round Ha Long Bay in Vietnam to overseeing a building fit out in Tripoli.

00:30 [We cut to white and the words ‘the nature of the job’ slide in from the left, written in navy, with a line motif beneath. Both the words and the lines slide out again to the right. A desert image comes up from the bottom of the screen: a desert with cliffs to either side and a faint trail of car tracks going toward the horizon.]

>> Colleague: I think the nature of the job, that aspect of being in some quite far-flung places…

00:36 [The words ‘you wouldn’t find elsewhere’ slide in, left to right, and back out again, in between the desert cliffs.]

>> Colleague: …presents you with challenges you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

00:38 [We cut back to a teal background and two roundels appear with images in them. One is a woman, talking in a meeting. The other is hands operating a power tool. The roundel outlines spin while the images stay stationary. The words ‘what I might do’ appear.]

>> Colleague: To give you an example, I was asked in my interview about what I might do if I was on location as a Carpenter…

00:43 [The two roundels flip and disappear, revealing two metal hinges.]

>> Colleague: …and didn’t have the screws I needed to install a door.

00:47 [We cut to a screen filled with a huge pile of screws, and the words ‘How would I handle that? The camera pans out to reveal more screws.]

>> Colleague: What would I do? How would I handle that, in an isolated location, when I can’t just pop to a local shop?

00:52 [Cut to a white background. The numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 appear in navy circles, then bars fill next to them, made up of forward slashes. The words and bars for 3 and 4 suddenly push apart, and the words ‘something unexpected’ appear in navy in-between.]

>> Colleague: We plan for every eventuality, but you always need to be prepared in case something unexpected happens.

00:57 [The background fades to teal. A city skyline swings in from the right. A man appears, and a large brain drops in from above, then the man and brain shrink, replaced by the words ‘exceptional professional standards’.]

>> Colleague: Sometimes, it needs you to bring some quite lateral, out-of-the-box thinking, as well as exceptional professional standards.

01:04 [The city skyline disappears, and a diverse range of cut-out people appear. They’re men, women, some in suits, some in hard hats, some in casual clothes. They rotate around the word ‘friendly’, which then becomes the word ‘learn’.]

>> Colleague: Everyone is very friendly and approachable here though, and you can learn from everyone.

01:09  [The people disappear and the background turns light blue There are white and grey clouds, and a line with an arrow on it comes in at the bottom left of the screen. It moves up through the clouds, hitting white roundel checkpoints along the way.]

>> Colleague: If I planned to develop my career and my skills…

01:11 [We zoom in on one white roundel. It contains the words ‘Clerk of Works’. Then the roundel fills with an image of a man and woman talking at a laptop, which fills the whole screen as the roundel outline fades. The words ‘learn new things’ appear over the top.]

>> Colleague: if I wanted to become a Clerk of Works, for example, I’d find the support and encouragement to learn new things.

01:17 [We fade to a light blue background and the words ‘That’s the kind of place this is’ appear in white.]

>> Colleague: That’s the kind of place this is.

01:19 [The FCDO Services logo and ‘FCDO Services, Part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’ appear in white on the blue background.]

>> Colleague: This is FCDO Services.

01:22: [Logo disappears and the words ‘Your job bigger’ appear. As ‘bigger’ appears, there’s a whoosh sound.]

>> Colleague: This is your job, bigger.


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